Traditional massages are known to open clogged veins and arteries, providing the bearer with a sense of relief from extreme joint inflammations, it has been meticulously used by a lot of athletes as a go-to source to recover from their arduous practice sessions.

Siastu This Japanese finger-pressure traditional massage targets the pressure points that are spread out across the body, finding and evening out any remarkable knots that may prove as a hindrance for proper blood flow, it involves a therapeutic experience sans any mechanical instruments.

ThaiThis Thai traditional massage form is a mix of acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, and yoga postures, it has developed quite the following over the years, with most people visiting the country of origin in huge numbers to experience this massage technique.

Chinese traditional massageIt is the more hard press sort of massaging techniques, relying on putting extreme amounts of pressure onto the inflamed joints under a proper Chinese medicine scheduled.

Foot massageNot boasting any one country of origin but having being developed over the years based on inputs collated from the practitioners, this form of massage involves putting pressure of the nerve endings present in and around your foot, uncluttering them and in turn providing a relaxing experience.

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